Method Of Collection

Our Methods

Call Collection

Call customers using telephone. Utilize computer systems to handle skip tracing. Inform clients of overdue accounts and amount currently owed.

Collection Letters

It demands the subject of debt to settle the outstanding bill, which is in default and informs him about the total debt amount.

Account Receivable Report

A periodic report that categorizes a company's accounts receivable according to the length of time an invoice has been outstanding.

Skip Tracing

We will continue efforts to trace debtors even though it involves debtors who have not made payment for years or 'skip' their last known address/whereabouts


Our staff of professional field agents can assistthe debt recovery process through visiting the debtor at their office/business premises or home

Collection Activity

Collection activities means any activities of a debt collector to collect or attempt to collect, directly or indirectly, a due, or asserted to be owed , another.


Our System

A successful call centre must offer a flexible and robust computing architecture that can accommodate varying parameters of today's telemarketing effort. AKM PARTNERS SDN.BHD. committed to achieving leadership in Tele-collection industry by providing an open system-based call centre solution that offers the most powerful, integrated telemarketing features available today.
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Call Centre

Accelerating the rate of recovery of outstanding balances. Initiating early recovery of non-performing accounts that are uneconomical for in-house collection. Identifying delinquent debtors at an earlier stage. Reducing the high cost of maintaining an in-house collection department. Curtailing staff training and turnover costs. Increasing the number of daily contacts with debtors. Providing forecast and projections on receivables.
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Take look at our Payroll System

About GreatDay HR

#1 Leading HRIS and Payroll Software Tailored to Fit our Needs

The GreatDay HR plays a important role in our payroll system of AKM PARTNERS SDN.BHD. GreatDay HR keeps our business running efficiently through accurate payroll, tax calculation and reporting. They manage employee’s time and attendance records, leave requests, payroll, tax, and report have never been this easy. They have been providing solutions for companies in based on company needs.

How many methods of collection we had?

AKM PARTNERS SDN.BHD. had 9 major methods of collection such as Collection Calls, Collections Letter, Visitation, Customer Accounts Management, Skip Tracing, Account Receivable Reporting, Monthly Analysis, Collection Activity, and Forward Action Reports.

10 years of working experience in credit recovery company. 8 years of experience in training debt collector to perform to their best. Has expensive experience in handling Banks and corporate clients. Specialized in collection debt for motor finance industries.

We use the Sophisticated PC Window based collection work credit management with voice recording software to accelerate work production and increase efficiency. All inbound calls are handled using a Sophisticated ACD system that route all calls received to first available agent.

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